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Drives new world

“The service providers team creates technology backed business solution for companies and its clientele to get maximum value from their speculation”

Our Vision: 

Our vision is to be a global service and technology partner that will unlock the possibilities of progressive and inspiring business ideas; carving them with our experience and expertise and taking them from theory to merchandise in record time. 

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to deliver simplified competitive solutions at the intersection of strategy, and technopreneurs dynamism with a motive for taking innovative ideas to market at record speed. 

By thinking straight, we use technology to reveal the actionable strategies clients need to shape business ideas and bring them to actuality. Positive, quantifiable business outcomes are our undeviating goal.


From technology basics to strategic insights, i2a technologies continue to raise the standard in all that we deliver to retain competitive advantage and convey this to our clientele. 


We help startup enthusiasts build and shape their idea to make them commercially workable, engaging to investors, and acceptable against their peers. 


i2a technologies leverages its skills across the open databases, digital transformation, and mobile integration to bring game-changing actions to reality.


We create a manageable process that aligns short-term and long-term venture targets with specific products, services, and solutions. 


i2a tech advises on the right amalgamation of technology and context for your venture idea, whether they are niche products, content management solutions, cloud apps, API integration, or customer support solutions.


Tapping the right talent and responsibilities leads to growth. Our network can help you avoid making costly mistakes and re-inventing, as well as help out with sales, finance, or marketing. 


“Keep a tab on your growth with i2a technologies optimized efficiency for better results in record time”



CEO and Founder of i2a Tech

Amit Chauhan is the founder of i2a Technology. He is responsible for the digital marketing and performance of the organization. He is behind the overall idea for the business and functions its growth. Amit brings on board many strategies across multiple portfolios like marketing, idea, sales, and development.


Co-Founder of i2a Tech

Aasif Bhat brings over many years of tech operation and project management experience to this position. As one of the co-founders of i2a Tech, he is responsible for the company’s overall operations. Driving the partners and collaborations and overseeing i2a’s cross function business administration.

Bookkeeping solutions

Effortless, convenient, professional bookkeeping services with unlimited support and transparent pricing. Track your income and budgeting in just one tap. 

  • Dedicated bookkeeper
  • 24*7 unlimited support
  • Transparent pricing
  • Full-service team

Simplifying accounting

Simplify finance, multiply profits, and optimize your result with our accounting services and accurate monthly performance reports, financial statements & easy filling options. 

  • Expense management
  • Optimize growth
  • Advice investments
  • Reconcile charts


Advance interface solution to make your online travel booking easy. Get exclusive deals at lowest budget on booking services, hotels, flights, rental cars, and other itineraries.

  • Discounted airfares
  • Affordable travel package
  • Easy booking dashboard
  • 450+ international and domestic airlines

Advanced E-Commerce

An interactive platform for real marketplace offering wide range of products to sell and buy quickly with commercial success. Best product, one click away!

  • Potential customer & buyer
  • Brand authenticity
  • Create a brand empire digitally
  • Optimized online store

Provide powerful data insights and marketing intelligence portal to support business owners for making instructed and valuable decisions.

Surge the speed of new clientele onboarding your business platform and begin operation to stay ahead of the peers.

Decrease the complication of incorporating a back end system leads to better access to information for individuals.

Partners & Investors

Thanks to our partners who made it happen

i2a Technologies operates with ethical business values and respects communities, people, and the environment. We manage to achieve both commercial and social benefits. We look forward and seek out new opportunities to work for the social cause.

i2a for “social cause”